The Best Time To Workout

If you’re trying to lose weight and get fit, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself (or google) when is the best time to workout, right?

We all have. We want a specific time that will produce the best results. I mean, who wants to workout in the evening’s if it’s better to workout in the morning??

Not me! (yes, my hand is raised!)

So when is the best time? Is it in the mornings? Afternoon? Night? Middle of the day??

Well, I’m going to break the rules a little bit…. (shh don’t tell anybody)

Unlike most Fitness Instructors, I’m not going to tell you when you should workout and here’s why…

I may “think” the best time to workout is in the mornings because your workout will give you energy to power through your day but you may not be able to workout in the morning.

Or, I could say the best time is in the evenings but maybe you can’t workout in the evening’s because little Jimmy has ball practice.

So when is the best time workout?

The best time is what serves you and your schedule.

If you are not good at getting up in the morning’s and you’re usually running late, then you probably shouldn’t try to exercise first thing. You’ll skip most of your workouts then wonder why you can’t stick to it.

If your evening’s are full, don’t plan to workout then. Again, you’ll skip most of your workouts because you already have a lot going on.

So “the best time” really depends on you and your schedule/lifestyle.

For example, I HATE (yes, capital letters) getting up early. I suck at it and would rather stay up at night.

So working out in the morning’s wouldn’t be very smart for me to try to do. I mean, I do well to get up and get my butt to work on time let alone try to workout!

So, I workout in the evenings as soon as I get home from work or whatever I’m doing.

Then again…. 

Some people love getting up early (weirdo’s) so the best time for them would be early.

Ya gotta ask yourself….

What time would work best for you?

Do you like getting up early?

Are you a night owl?

Are your evenings busy and crazy?

The best time to workout is… 

Whatever time you can stick to! 

I know, I know, that wasn’t what you were expecting but here’s the truth..

If someone who is trying to help you lose weight and get fit tells you that you should be working out in the mornings is lying to you.

Or if they tell you that you should be working out in the evenings… same thing, they’re lying to you.

Why are they lying??

Maybe they’re shady, I can’t say for sure but I bet it’s because that’s the time that works best for them….not you. 

Final Note… 

Pick a time that you will stick to each day, and before you know it, you’ll have that body you’ve always wanted (as long as you eat clean).

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