How The Heck Do I Find The Time?

Listen, I’m going to be straight up (that feels so ghetto) and honest with you….. you won’t just find time laying around on the floor or in the laundry basket.

The UPS guy won’t drop it off. You won’t find it in your sock drawer (what is buried in there anyways??).

Time won’t just pop up out of nowhere so you can eat healthy and exercise everyday.

So How Do You Find Time?

You don’t.

Instead, you make time. 

Guess what…. the most fit people in the world have the same 24 hours in a day that you and I do. They just spend their time differently.

What Do You Want?

Do you want to lose weight and get fit?

I mean, do you really want to lose weight and get fit?

If so, then you finding time won’t be a problem for you because you’ll make time. You’ll do whatever you have to to get time for exercising, meal planning, prepping, and eating healthy (and so on).

However, if you would like to lose weight, you’ll use not having time as an excuse.

If you really want to get the body you’ve always wanted, you’ll have to quit searching for time and actually make the time.

Yes, that may sound rude and inconsiderate but it’s the truth. Sometimes, we just need someone to be honest and upfront with us.

Sometimes we just need someone to tell us to get our shit together, figure out what we want and to get over the excuses and go for it!

Which is what I’m going to tell you….


Stop looking for an easy way to do this or a trick… just go get what you want. Do whatever you have to to get there but just go! 

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Eliminate These…. 

If you are committed and are serious about making time to workout and eat healthy (and it doesn’t take a lot of time), this is a list of things you can stop doing…..which will open up quite a bit of time for you!

  • Social Media 
  • TV/Movies 
  • Internet (unless of course you’re on this site lol)
  • Games 
  • Email

That’s a small, but mighty list. The majority of our day is filled with unproductive stuff that won’t help you get results.

Get rid of stuff that’s not helping you!