The Best Weight Loss Planner

In my humble opinion, The Happy Planner is by far the best Weight Loss Planner! (I am not an affiliate of the planner)

I say that because when I started my weight loss journey, I was using a bulky binder that required me to create my own pages, print them off, hole punch them, then add them to the binder.

Then, I found The Happy Planner! Now, I am a happy planner!

And yes, I may very much so love this thing entirely too much and I’m okay with that.

Why This Is The Best Weight Loss Planner

I say this is the best weight loss planner because it has everything you need for planning meals, workouts, and to track your water intake. 

This planner also has a monthly calendar (which I use to plan an entire month of workouts) as well as a end of the month review.

The end review is great because you can add a progress picture (I know that sounds like a horrible thing to do but it’s really motivating!) and a review of how the month went.

“The only way you can improve and get better is to keep track of your progress”

Meal Planning With The Happy Planner

The most important key to your weight loss success is your Nutrition which is one of my favorite parts to this weight loss planner.

The 5 Meals you can plan in this planner:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Snack
  3. Lunch
  4. Snack
  5. Dinner

For each meal, you just write down what you plan to eat. Snacks are completely optional (really all of the meals are), but I highly encourage you to eat healthy snacks in between your main meals.

Eating healthy snacks in-between meals keeps you from from getting hungry and can prevent you from overeating when you eat your main meal. This can help you lose weight!

Snacking also helps keeps your blood sugar and metabolism stable.

There is a section for Calorie Total for each day however, I don’t count calories so I don’t use it. I personally use this section for my Vitamins

weight loss planner

Create Your Weekly Meal Plan

You can create an entire week worth of meals on two sheets in this planner. How awesome and simple is that?

The best way to start creating a meal plan for the week is to start with Dinner first because you can plan leftovers for Lunch the next day.

There’s two meals down!

Planning Breakfast is the hardest for me because I would much rather drink my coffee than eat food so to keep myself on track, I keep Breakfast simple by drinking a Meal Replacement Shake or making a Green Smoothie.

(if you decide to get a Meal Replacement Shake, please check the Ingredients and Nutrition Label before buying them.)

Plan your Snacks last because they seem to be the easiest and funnest (is that a word??). Stick with Veggies and a Healthy Fat for your snacks (something like carrots and hummus) but you can also eat Fruit.

The most important tip I can give you for planning your meals is

Keep it simple.

People who have lost weight and become fit eat relatively the same foods over and over again. No, that doesn’t sound appetizing but I promise you’ll actually enjoy it!

Workout Planning With The Happy Planner

I mentioned before that this planner has a Monthly Calendar. Personally, I use this to plan an entire month of workouts which I highly encourage you do to so you won’t have an excuse!

Once I plan out my workouts for the month, each day when I complete one, I write it down in the weekly section.

I do this because I can get an overview of what workouts I did or didn’t do. This helps me improve and get more focused for the next week.

What’s The Best Workout To Do?

Well, I explain all of that here for you. You’re Welcome (pun intended).

I will say that the best workout is one that you actually do!

But if you still feel stuck with finding a workout, I recommend starting workout programs that are done for you (like Beachbody Fitness Programs- no, I am not an affiliate of them. I just love their fitness programs).

weight loss planner weight loss planner

Tracking Water Intake With The Happy Planner

Last but certainly not least, how much water you drink is important when it comes to losing weight, staying strong, looking younger, and having more energy. (water does way more than that)

This weight loss planner gives you a section dedicated solely for tracking how much water you drink (because it’s that important!).

I track my intake by the bottle (hahaha) which is 16.9 ounces. For each bottle I drink, I just color in the circle.

How Much Water To Drink

Drink half of your body weight in ounces. 

For example, if you weight 140 pounds, you would drink 70 ounces each day which is a little more than 4 bottles of water.

If you drink water from a fancy water bottle, take note of how many ounces it holds and track accordingly.

weight loss planner

A Final Note About Planning

There is a difference between planning and doing.

If you want to lose weight and get results, you have to actually follow your plan! (I know, it’s absurd!)

If you plan one thing but do something else, write down your something else.

Please know that none of us are perfect and you may get off plan sometimes and that’s okay. When you do, get up and get right back on track. Don’t wait until tomorrow to start over…get back to your plan RIGHT NOW. 

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